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Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area Inc seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by working in partnership with people who blend their time, talent and gifts to build simple, decent housing with families in need so all are encouraged to be what God intended.      ----Mission Statement, Habitat for Humanity, Lima Area, Inc.



Safety has been on the minds of all involved with Habitat for Humanity since its inception nearly 40 years ago.  But in recent years concerns related to safety have been elevated to greater heights.  The growth of the organization particularly at the local affiliate level with expanding house construction efforts and ReStores means the growing numbers of persons volunteering increases significantly the potential for accidents on worksites and in ReStores. 

Safety ScaffoldingSeveral serious accidents including a fatality in an affiliate in eastern Pennsylvania has intensified the directives from our insurance carriers to affiliates for greater vigilance when it comes to safety.  At the same time the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the federal government has also begun to pay greater attention to Habitat job site safety measures.

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Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area, Inc. affiliate we have been extremely fortunate not to have experienced more than minor cuts and bruises on our work sites.  Nevertheless, affiliate staff are responding to the national calls by giving greater attention to safety concerns both on our job sites and in the ReStore.  At the center of this heightened emphasis has been the appointment of staff person Jim Lewis as SAFETY MANAGER for the affiliate.  Working alongside Construction Manager Roger Calvert, he has instituted a variety for initiatives to help continue the strong record that our affiliate has enjoyed over the past twenty years.



One of the key initiatives instituted by Safety Manager Jim Lewis is mandatory volunteer training for all new volunteers geared to creating greater awareness of these concerns whether volunteering on job sites or in the ReStore.  New volunteers are now required to take this training before actually beginning involvement on a job site or at the ReStore. 

The training is provided by our insurance carrier, Lockton Affinity, as part of their affiliate insurance program.  On the Lockton Affinity Affiliate Insurance Program website an online safety training program is provided with a variety of courses that they have designed with Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers. 

All new volunteers are required to take the course:  ﵠAre Exposed宥ral Affiliate Safety.ﳴrong>

All Construction Job Site volunteers are required to take the following additional courses:

  • Portable Power Tool Safety
  • Fall Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity Job Site

All ReStore volunteers are required to take the following courses:

  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • ReStore Loss and Control
  • Defensive Driving 㯭mercial Vehicles (Truck Drivers only)

In addition, ReStore volunteers will find the following courses beneficial:

  • Back Safety
  • Ladder Safety

To access these safety training courses, go the following website: and follow the steps:

  • Click on the 姩n Now?under the words ne Safety Training Courses.  A popup box will then appear?it carefully and jot down the access code. 
  • Click on ?Training Course Now?take you to the ᢩtat for Humanity Safety Training Center PageŮter the Access Code
  • Click 墭it䯠go to the Safety Training Center and the list of available courses. 

When you finish a course, complete it by taking the quiz and filling in the requested personal information.  For those successfully completing a course a certificate will be sent to the affiliate to signal that you have completed the course.



Additionally under the leadership of Safety Manager Jim Lewis Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area, Inc. has undertaken the following:

  • Completed special safety training for all staff and volunteers regularly at the Habitat Center (550 West Elm St. in Lima).
  • Completed special safety training for all staff who drive the forklifts in the ReStore.
  • Purchased special railing scaffolding costing nearly $5,000 that will be in place for when roofing is being done on a house job site.
  • Purchased hard hats and safety glasses for volunteers to wear on job sites.


You can see that our affiliate is taking seriously its responsibilities to prevent injuries when staff or volunteers are at work carrying out the housing ministry that is ours.  Our hearts are filled with gratitude when we look back over the years with hundreds of volunteer hours given with no serious injury sustained.  Our prayer is that God will bless us in the future with continuing our work with nothing more than the occasional minor cut or bruise.