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Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area Inc seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by working in partnership with people who blend their time, talent and gifts to build simple, decent housing with families in need so all are encouraged to be what God intended.      ----Mission Statement, Habitat for Humanity, Lima Area, Inc.

It takes a Community to Build a Habitat House!

Applying for a House

You have read the information under the ᭩ly Selection Criteria䡢 and are ready to begin the applicaion process.  (If you have not, please do so before proceeding.) 

Here are the steps in the application process:

Step 1:  Complete the "Pre-qualification Form".  It is available as a download--Click Here:  "Pre-qualification Form"   or call the Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area Office at (419) 222-4937 and request a copy. Complete the form as fully as you are able and return it to:  Family Selection Committee, Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area, Inc. 550 E. Elm St., Lima, OH 45801.

Step 2:  When it is received you will be contacted to set up an appointment for an application interview.  You will be asked to bring PROOF OF INCOME to this interview.   Items acceptable as proof of income include your prior yearഡx return, three consecutive recent pay stubs, award letters for disability income, child support payments, etc.  If your income falls in the required amounts, you will be invited to complete the formal application.  While you complete the application two additional things will take place:

  • 1)  We will run a current CREDIT REPORT.  When the application has been completed the credit report will be discussed with you.  Collections appearing on the report will not result in disqualification.  However arrangements must be made to clear all collections either through full pay off or setting up a payment plan to pay them off.
  • 2)  You name will be checked against the Sex Offenders list of the Attorney General of the State of Ohio.  If your name appears on that list the application process will be terminated.

Step 3:  Your application will be reviewed by the Family Selection Committee.  In this review they will identify issues, if any, that must be resolved and list additional documents that are required.  Depending on the issues identified they may request a delay in the process to give time for those issues to be resolved or disqualification.  Or, the committee may signal approval for further processing including gathering needed references.   At this time you will also be asked to submit copies of all utility bills that you currently pay.

Step 4:  When your file is complete, they Family Selection will do another review.  If all identified issuesuding arrangements to clear collections, references are in the file, and copies s of utility bills have been provided﩮ting to acceptance, a HOME VISIT will be arranged.  This visit will give the committee opportunity for several of its members to personally meet with you and to do a final check on need. 

Step 5:  The final step is approval by the Board of Directors.  The Family Selection Committee will bring an action for approval by the Board of Directors.  Their approval is the end of the application process and signals your acceptance as a partner family.

After you have been approved...

Following your acceptance as a partner family a ﶥnant穬l be developed that will guide the further relationship between you and Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area, Inc.   Keep in mind that acceptance as a Partner Family does not indicate immediate construction of a house.  That depends on securing a lot on which to build and securing funding for the project.