Photo Gallery

This photo gallery provide pictures of the houses built by Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area, Inc. Clicking on each year in the menu will provide a glimpse of the work of hundreds of volunteers over the years since the founding of the affiliate in 1991.


The Houseworth Family

W. Wayne St. Community, Delphos

Houseworth Family House

Dedication:  July 8, 2007

Delphos Area Ministerial Association

The Demling Family

Reese Ave. Community, Lima

Demling Family House

Dedication:  July 22, 2007

The Parsons Family

Pearl/McKibben St.Community, Lima

Parsons Family House

Dedication: September 15, 2007

Area Lutheran Churches

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The Lindeman Family

Location:  Clime St. Community, Delphos

Lindeman Family House

Dedication:  November 18, 2007

Area Lutheran Churches

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